Shiatsu in Brighton, UK.  Julie F Decarroux, MA, diploma ESS. Tel: 07845 804 015

Benefits of Shiatsu

A regular shiatsu session can make a real difference to your quality of life,
physically and emotionally.

It is excellent to promote relaxation and prevent the build-up of stress,

and can help many conditions.


(Due to new Advertising Standards Agency regulations that took effect on March 1st 2011, I can no longer quote any conditions that shiatsu may be good for. If you wish to find out more about how Shiatsu can help you, do call me so can discuss your needs together.)


What people have said

Seeing Julie has caused an overall improvement in my physical and emotional wellbeing. She is a very special and gifted practitioner. Sue Booth.


“As a result of Julie’s treatments I am able to continue working as a Registered Nurse without pain.” Jane, 60, Registered Nurse.


Going to see Julie for a shiatsu massage made me feel calm and peaceful. Afterwards I felt I had a better understanding of myself and my anxieties. Alva, 42.


I came to shiatsu with a number of physical problems. Through expert assessment and excellent treatments the core problems have been addressed and my health has been radically improved. Paul Wills, 42, Senior Library Assistant.


As someone who spends many hours on the computer every day, I find shiatsu very beneficial.I cannot live without it! Claudia Albright, Secretary.


I have found shiatsu treatments the most holistic and satisfying way of receiving emotional and physical healing. From a truly connected place Julie has guided and soothed me into calmer and stronger places. I haven’t found a practitioner who is able to leave my body and soul feeling so deeply refreshed. Miriam, mother.


Julie’s massages have really helped me get through a difficult time in my life. Jim, 43, parliamentary reporter.


Julie is amazing, she has really helped me in with various problems and I can’t recommend her enough. Ruth, 34, full time mum.


I have been going to see Julie for over 2 years. Every time I leave her I feel about 20 years younger! Caroline, 42, chemistry teacher.


I have been seeing Julie for shiatsu for a few years and look forward to receiving her calm, empathic treatments to relax and keep me grounded. Irene, Registered Nurse and Shiatsu Practitioner.


Highly professional and excellent at what she does, I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. Georgina, writer and new mother.


Julie has a healing touch. Her calming energy instantly relaxes me; she is highly perceptive and guides me towards finding a blissful sense of balance. After each session I feel reconnected and in a much clearer space to continue my everyday life. Ruth, 22, choreographer.


I have been receiving shiatsu treatments regularly for over 2 years. It is an excellent and very gentle treatment for any body weaknesses, and also imparts a soothing and meditative relaxation. It is important to use an experienced and qualified practitioner and I can thoroughly recommend Julie Decarroux. Peter, 83, retired businessman.


Shiatsu helps me every time I need to recover my strength and relax both physically and emotionally. Tomas, 35, Sofware Developer.